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Hello and Congratulations! 

My name is Angela and I’m a proud Novocastrian Wedding Celebrant! I’m so glad you are here! Getting married is such a special time in your life… and I’m here to support you every step of the way!


About Me

My style is easy going, genuine, warm & joyful. I take the time to really get to know you so that I can write your bespoke ceremony, making it personal and oh so special! 

Weddings today are personalised, unique, and so much fun... if not, they should be!



How does it all work?

- We have a chat about exactly what you envisage for your ceremony, I give you some fabulous ideas and you tell me your wonderful love story

- We sign the Notice of Intended Marriage together at least one month before your wedding day

- I’m available for an obligation free chat -

over bubbles or a coffee… whatever tickles your fancy

- I get busy writing and rehearsing

- On your wedding day, I’ll be there an hour early with my PA, your vows, and the paperwork!


What makes a great Ceremony?

Great weddings are engaging!
Guests are smiling, laughing... and crying (but not because they wish they were somewhere else!).
Great ceremonies are never boring or monotonous, they are exciting,
moving and personal!
They involve a story or two, where the guests feel like they go on a journey with the couple. Because the ceremony was actually about them. Amazing right!?!
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